Friday, November 11, 2016

Myweeteepee At John Lewis!

Big news for Myweeteepee

I love supporting small businesses and when we were asked to become brand ambassadors for Myweeteepee earlier this year, we were so exited and have loved playing with our teepee ever since. Both kids had special birthday teepees and we've used it for all sorts from a sun shelter, nap den, reading nook, spooky spot for Halloween and even a quiet hideaway for our lovely pooch.

Everyone at Myweeteepee works so hard to reach out to us parents to show their lovely products and have just had some more good news after winning awards this year for their creations - not such a small business any more!

Myweeteepee teepees are now available to buy at popular retailer John Lewis, which is a huge step for a company that started so small, I'm really happy for them and also very proud to support a company that puts learning and fun for kids at the top of their agenda, just like me. 

You will see these pop up in my gift guides this year for sure, as I think every household should have one! A big well done to everyone at Myweeteepee for all their hard work in reaching this major milestone!