Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Why I Left Slimming World & Feel Good...

Bye bye fat club...

I can't deny the fact that I have a lot of weight to lose. All in all I have about 5 plus stone to go, so joining slimming world seemed like a great option for me. The diet is so flexible, you can pretty much eat what you like and people have amazing results.

Not me.

Since joining, I've found myself dreading those Monday night weighs. I didn't enjoy the group much as there were so many people it just took forever and I for some reason didn't feel the motivation that others did, far from it. I found myself almost wanting to face dive a cake while sticking two fingers up at the whole thing.

I tried it, but it just wasn't for me and this is in no way a reflection of the plan, the group or my leader who was lovely. It's just me and what works best in my situation. 

I found that the whole thing was too much to think about. You can have certain portions of certain things and syn for treats, but none of it sank in for me and after a month or so of paying for classes I am back at my start weight. The ultimate Slimming World failure, the only thing that is lighter is my wallet and I still hadn't got to grips with the actual diet and how much of what food I could have.

I found myself buying packet noodles and things I'd never have eaten before. We actually eat really good wholesome meals most the time and it's just the snacking that let's me down, I found myself eating more junk on plan and I don't know why!

After dreading my meeting Monday and feeling stressed about the whole thing I decided to bite the bullet and pack it in and from that moment I have felt so much better. I really wish it had worked though.

I'm already eating better and as much as I thought getting weighed by someone else would help, it didn't. As much as I thought the motivation of friends would help, it didn't. The only thing that I need to actually get into the spirit of getting healthy is to have my head in the right place, I realise that now. No matter how much help I have on my side, my only motivator that works is right here in my head and I'm either in the right mode or I'm not and I really haven't been.

So I'm back home going solo on my health quest with the help of my awesome husband and I feel really motivated now. Losing the weight will help with my back pain and get me some confidence back after gaining back two of the five atone I lost last year. I don't need groups, I don't need to pay, I just need to get my own ass in gear and get stuck in.

I don't know if that will be my last attempt at slimming groups but for now it really is and I am so much happier!