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New favourite gadget...

If you are anything like me then you are probably constantly battling with a low battery for half the day on your mobile and completely hopeless at turning everything off to preserve the battery too. I have a busy social media set up on my phone thanks to my blog and I'm constantly taking photos, so there is always a lot of strain on the power. kindly sent us one of their brilliant customisable X-Loli power banks to try out, which is literally a back up bank of power to charge and keep in your bag for those moments where you need a little extra juice. I've wanted something like this for ages and this one is just perfect, it looks great too.

The first time I used this was actually a bit of a lifesaver. Our electrics had gone and I pulled this out my bag, transferred the power to my phone via USB and voila one charged phone. I could then contact my husband on his trip away, as well as an electrician - it's amazing how cut off from the world you suddenly are without power and this is my absolute favourite handbag companion now.

The special thing about this power bank specifically is that it opens up with a little lock at the bottom, so you can fully personalise it with your own photo or print. I am a sucker for photos so anything that let's me utilise one from our collection makes me happy. I actually love the way it looks as it is and the colour I was sent is lovely so I've kept it as it is for now.

This power bank is compatible with most devices and the charging point simply pops out ready to be charged so there are no messy cables to worry about losing, or tiny connectors. You just need your usual USB cable that fits your device which are pretty universal now anyway. I absolutely love this and keeping it charged in my bag means I have one less worry while Alf's at school as I'm constantly rushing to get home to charge my phone in case they call in an emergency.

This was quick and easy to charge and gave my phone a good bulk of power, as well as looking good, being super light and taking up little room in my bag.

This great little gadget would make the perfect gift for Christmas and retails at just £14.99, with further discount on multiple purchases. You can read all about it here. Everyone needs one of these!