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Home sweet home

I posted recently about my 'hermit season' favourites and for me, Winter is the perfect opportunity to invest some time into making the house nice and cosy, especially in preparation for what is said to be the coldest season in 50 years coming our way. Brrr.

The focal points for comfort and cosiness tend to surround the living room and bedroom as this is where we spend those darker hours. There are lots of ways to add warmth and cosiness to our living space and here's just a few.


Your bed should be your favourite place, the place you dream of while you're stuck at work or plodding in the rain. Making the bed look and feel comfortable and relaxing will set us up for a much better nights sleep. There are three things that I feel truly make the perfect bed set up. I'm not one for cushions on the bed (I'm not allowed them...) but I think finding the dreamiest pillows, a gorgeous bedspread and a pretty soft headboard makes the recipe for the ultimate bed time.

It's really hard to find the perfect pillow but I recently invested in a memory foam one and I love it - it takes a lot of trial and error to find the perfect match. Bedspreads are hugely underrated, they add comfort and look so nice, really making the room and adding much needed warmth when needed. This set from LaRedoute is top of my wish list - the blue/mustard colours are perfect for our room.

Up until recently we didn't have a head board and it's only now that we have one I realise what a huge difference it makes, it adds so much comfort and warmth to bed time and completely transforms the look of the room. Gone are the days of those pink velvet shell shaped headboards, now they are sleek, modern and bigger than ever. Head boards vary in price massively, but if you need a cheap fix that looks the part, you could use free or cheap materials to make your very own. It's a really simple make and you can completely tailor the look of it to suit your room. This tutorial from Phil Spencer shows us how in just a few simple steps.

For smaller touches to the bedroom setting, soft lighting, warm blankets and faux candles really set the scene and help you wind down when it comes to catching those much needed forty winks. There are some gorgeous smelling reed diffusers out there now which are a great alternative to scented candles, with my favourites at this time of year being the 'Christmas' cinnamon and apple type scents which are just so homely and warming.

Living Room

The living room is my second favourite place, it's where I work from in the evening once the kids have gone to bed, it's where I spent most my time nursing my babies and playing with them as they've grown up. The family living room absolutely has to be cosy as well as practical, with lots of storage and personality.

I am completely obsessed with cushions and I almost can't wait for them to wear out so I can buy my next set - weird huh? Our living room is a mix of whites, greys and light blue. I try to warm the room and offset the traditionally 'cool' colours with different textures and lots of lovely lighting.

Adding splashes of colour with gorgeous artwork and decorations helps to tie the whole room together. I love letters, candles and framed pictures to make the room feel more homely.

There are lots of different ways to liven up your living space without forking out too much cash, adding that much needed cosiness. With giant wall letters being one of my favourite decorations, I love this tutorial from Anthony Labat, it looks so much fun and I can't wait to try it!

Whatever your space, whatever your budget, with the right details you can make your home the epitome of cosy this winter too. There are lots more brilliant DIY tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest out there and so much fun to be had.

Have fun!

*Collaborative Post