Saturday, November 12, 2016

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Gifts for the wee ones

Kids are so fun to buy for aren't they? So many toys now are reproductions of things we had as children too, making it even more exciting. Gift wise, it's always nice to get something a little different and although it's always good to ask for ideas, hopefully these will help anyone struggling for inspiration this year.

1. Dory Aqua Beads | 2. Rainbow Art | 3. Leap Reader | 4. Teepee | 5. Kiddimoto Balance Bike | 6. Sylvanian Family Cosy Cottage | 7. Itty Bittys | 8. Mini BMX | 9. Chewbacca Night Light | 10. Micro Riderz | 11. Lego Keylights | 12. Spiderman Lego

For kids that want to get creative, Aqua Beads (1) make a great gift. These are great for a quiet and relatively mess free craft time, resulting in something that the child can keep, make into jewellery or gifts themselves. There are a great range of sets now in lots of character variations perfect for boys and girls. The Rainbow Art set (2) is a brilliant way to let your little artists get creative with paint, without all the mess of poster paints. This brilliant little set comes with a range of sponge 'brushes' and a rainbow of paint wheels for kids to experiment with, perfect!

For early readers, the Leap Reader (3) would make the ideal gift this Christmas allowing children to independently explore books and words with the help of a special reading pen. For the perfect den to read in, teepees from Myweeteepee (4) would go down an absolute storm with any child. Coming in a range of colours and patterns, these fold away easily and can be used for many kinds of fun play all through the year.
If you have a keen biker on your hands then Kiddimoto balance bikes (5) would be a big hit. These bikes come in so many colours and I absolutely love these super bike hero inspired ones which are lightweight and lots of fun. 

An old classic, the Sylvanian Families (6) are a timeless selection of toys loved by all ages. This little cottage would be loved by all and is a great starter kit for new fans. Watching my own kids play with this brings back so many memories and I still adore all the little animals and miniature belongings. Soph is very into these already at two and Alf at five is now a big fan so I can really recommend these if you want to start a new collection.

For a smaller budget or stocking filler, the Itty Bittys (7) from Hallmark are super cute selection of mini plushes in a huge variety of characters. I love the Star Wars one and nothing makes me happier than a mini Yoda! Keeping things in miniature, the mini BMX (8) is a real treat and lots of fun for all ages. A super sturdy build with wide tyres this little gem will be a popular gift for any little stunt kids out there.

Spearmark are the number one for novelty lighting and these Star Wars lights are a pocket friendly gift that would be well received. I love the Chewbacca one (9) but there all all kinds of characters available so well worth a look. 

Micro Riderz (10) are a fun mini stunt set where your little ones can make their own loop track and watch these mini motorbikes perform effortlessly around the track. A perfect little extra for those wannabee daredevils.

I think it's safe to say that all kids love Lego don't they? If yours do, then they may love these little torches in a variety of Lego characters (11) and what better than their very own Marvel Spiderman bridge (12) to build! That will certainly ensure a bit of quiet time on Boxing day.

P Buzz

Next up is a gift that I love. This is the P Buzz wind instrument and we were kindly sent one to try and I think it's brilliant! I think children learning to play music is an amazing thing, any way that lets them get their creativity flowing is great and this little instrument makes it super simple. Both kids picked this up straight away and played actual notes. The P Buzz weighs less than 500g and has simple colours to remember notes with no fiddly keys or anything to push. I loved how quickly Alf picked up how to play tunes and watching Soph playing this is adorable! This range of instruments is so well priced and if you want your kids to have a taste of the music world, then this one's definitely for you.

Blow pens

Another favourite of mine are the Blow Pens. Alf got the set above for his birthday and I am so surprised how great they are! He hasn't put it away since his Birthday and has made some beautiful pictures (I may have had a play too). There are a huge range now from the more traditional sets to character sets like Frozen too, meaning there is something to suit every child and I think this one would be good for a really wide age range so it's a pretty safe bet.

I hope this has helped someone somewhere with some gift ideas this year, enjoy your shopping!

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