Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cat Lovers >> Christmas Gift Guide


I make no secret of the fact that I am well and truly a crazy cat lady in the making, so my last gift guide this Christmas is dedicated to those gorgeous little fluffers and their human fans. These are the ultimate in gifts for cat lovers for all budgets and needs. Enjoy!

1. Grooming Arch | 2. Cat Lover Print | 3.  Exercise Wheel | 4. Cat Scratching Decks | 5. Tabcat tracking Set 6. Cat Bingo | 7. Cat Lovers Chocolate Box | 8. Cat Selfies Pack | 9. Cat Hammock

1. Cats will LOVE being in control of their own brush with the brilliant grooming arch. Packed with bristles to scratch that itch and give them a much needed fuss in your absence. 

2. A pretty print with a bold (and true) statement. We all love our cats so why not dedicate a little wall space in their honour to show just that.

3. This is the craziest most amazing thing! A hamster style exercise wheel for cats. Would they use it? I don't know, but I love the idea of it, if only we had room!

4. Scratching decks for cats. I think that says it all?

5. Keep tabs on your cat on their travels with this brilliant tracker set from Tabcat which includes a super light weight tag for their collar. This tiny tag and accompanying handset means you can locate your cat when they have gone wandering, see where they're going and it even directs you on your walk to find them. Brilliant for a little extra peace of mind!

6. Cat bingo! A bingo game with a difference featuring 64 breeds of cats. The only problem is finding someone equally as cat bonkers to play with!

7. Who doesn't love chocolate? This one is just super sweet for cat lovers and a perfect little gift.

8. The cat selfies pack comes with a number of photo props to take fun pictures of your cats. Yes, it's bonkers but brilliant and I know I'd use it...

9. Lastly, after all those selfies, wheel runs and wanderings, our little fluffs need somewhere to relax and what better than a stylish little hammock!

Happy shopping cat lovers!