Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Days List >> Mince Pies, Music & Friends


What better week to get back into writing a Happy Days list than the very special week of Christmas and the last week of 2016! On reflection I have so much to be thankful for. A moment this week stuck in traffic lights outside a nursing home, gave me a glimpse of a festive room with a really old lady being helped up by a nurse. It looked so sad and quiet and I thought how lucky I was to be young-ish, healthy-ish with two noisy over-energetic kids in the back. We may have had a truly chaotic shopping trip, but that moment made me feel so happy with my lot right now.

The lead up to Christmas has been a long one, we are all SO ready for it now and I've loved the run up this year with Alf's school play, Sophie's first proper Christmas parties and several trips to see Santa - starting in October!

Here is this weeks happy list;

  • Tucking into Christmas food early
  • Lovely presents from parents and in laws already
  • Seeing friends
  • Happy children
  • Happy husband
  • Healthy family
  • An end to christmas shopping (yay!)
  • Mr W off work for the holidays
  • No school runs for two weeks
  • Stroking reindeers
  • Donating to families in need
  • Seeing the kids faces light up at all things Christmassy
  • Delicious mince pies - lots of...
  • The house being cosy and festive
  • Losing two pounds on this magical mince pie and cheese diet
  • Being SO excited I can't sleep
  • Alf singing WHAM
  • Lots of extra cuddles from the kids
  • Christmas films

Next weeks list will be even bigger I'm sure, we have lots of fun between now and then. Merry Christmas to everyone!