Sunday, December 18, 2016

Photography >> Gruffalo Trail At Sherwood Pines

Family, forest and Gruffalo hunting...

We love our family days together and one of our favourites is getting stuck into a good forest walk. There's something about being somewhere quiet with trees taller than the house, that just makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Normally, Sherwood Pines near Nottingham is Adams local mountain biking spot.  He's a bit limited for places to ride round here so this tends to be his go to place to let off a bit of steam, despite the fact it's really not that mountainous.

We had heard about the Gruffalo trail at Sherwood and thought as the kids are such big fans of the books and film that we would take them for some fresh air and adventure on a little walk hunting for Gruffalo clues and taking in everything Sherwood Pines has to offer for little ones, lots. This was a few weeks back now on a nice mild Autumn day.

Firstly I was a bit fed up as it seemed so so busy. I'm not the biggest people person and for me a part of going to places like forests is to get away from it all and also feeling detached from the outside world a little. Thankfully though,  most people seemed to be there for the cafe, initial play area and biking with very few going for walks - awesome.  The trail was super peaceful and we started by grabbing a map from the cafe which they sell for £1.50. The questions on the map link up to those on the wooden Gruffalo signs along the way so it's a really good way to get the kids doing lots of walking without getting bored.

Along the way there is a few great play areas, some with little wooden playhouses,  things carved from old tree trunks, a giant spiderweb climbing frame complete with monstrous spider and a fun mushroom themed area which was best for our two.

Along the way we found lots of interesting things as well as the Gruffalo signs such as a tree with money 'growing' in it, lots of different wild mushrooms and some beautiful bugs and butterflies. Here's some of my favourite pictures from the day.

The kids were having fun in their Goretex shoes too, which we have been trialling this year. These are perfect for woody walks as they are waterproof, breathable and super comfortable!