Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Photography >> Sea & Seals At Donna Nook

Sea, seals and sausage rolls!

If you're not from Linconshire, you are probably not even aware of the amazing natural phenomenon that happens in the beaches of Donna Nook. The area is a salt marsh and actually used by the Royal Navy for bombing practise! Every year thousands of seals make their way to our humble coastline to give birth to their gorgeous fluffy pups - right on the beach. Isn't nature just completely insanely incredible?

This year alone, there has been nearly 2000 pups born here and last week we all packed up the car, bundled up in our winter warmers and headed out to see what is quite literally the best natural thing I have seen in my lifetime. It's quite something else seeing animals in the wild compared to zoos and rescue centres, so to see them just going about their business is fascinating, not to mention cute as hell.

Here's a few snaps from the day, it was ice cold when we got there, a little too much so for the kids with a see breeze on top but I managed to see lots of seals, pups and we were even treated to a stunning double rainbow while we were there. Perfect huh?


I loved our trip to see the seals and hope to get back again before they all depart! They are already making their way back to sea so we may have to wait for next year. This is such a thing of beauty and I'd really recommend it as a day out. You can keep up to date with the seal action at Donna Nook by visiting the warden's Facebook page.