Thursday, December 29, 2016

I Hate The School Run

Alf started school in September and I have to admit I've always hated the thought of the school run. The idea of those rushed mornings and the stress of being late every single week day had me in tatters and I was right, it's hell, complete carnage and I hate everything about it. Right now we have two delicious school run free weeks and I'm loving every single lazy cuddly minute of it.

As long as we have a more organised morning and set off on time we can have a reasonably relaxed walk to school and get there before the crowds of pushy parents get there. Most days though, the kids for one reason or a hundred refuse to oblige and every single thing is a battle. Getting two children dressed should be a breeze but when they don't want to be clothed (all hail the mini naturists) then it's not easy.

After several thousand attempts at getting shoes on and remembering all the things for school, we can finally get on our way for what is usually the slowest most dilly dallied walk in the history of sloth children. We walk through a stunning park and I'd love to spend longer wandering. I'm completely not cut out to be a school run Mum and if it was a job I certainly wouldn't apply!

Any other time I love to watch them find conkers, smell the flowers, talk to dogs, roll on the grass and all that fun stuff but on the way to school there is just never time and I find myself snapping like a crabby fish wife when I'd much rather do all that fun stuff too. Some times on a very bad day the school run has involved ACTUAL running - running! Normally my rules around running involve only doing so if being chased, so these mornings really do not go down well. I love the idea of the school run and every now and then we have a good one, one like how you imagine it could be in an ideal world and you're fooled into thinking the whole thing isn't so bad. The next day though, BOOM Forest Gump family.

I get school is important, I really do, but there has to be a better alternative to the school run and I am determined to make this next decade of school runs (decade!) get a little easier and more tolerable. Roller skates maybe or an extremely brief journey on a budget private jet? Any suggestions welcome.

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