Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Marvellous Minion Toys...

Toys minion fans will love...

Ever since Alf first clapped eyes on the dinky yellow Minions he fell in love with them, it was actually before he had even seen any of the movies! I guess it's just because they are funny, cute, have a fart gun and all that good stuff that just makes them so lovable to kids and grownups world wide. Soph has now followed suit and they love watching the films together and now the toys too.

We are super excited for the new film due out next year, but equally as excited for the range of toys out right now which we were kindly sent to try out - lucky kids hey! From dress up, to firing fart guns, to mesmerising moving mouths to grumpy funny little plushes, there is something for all ages and budgets for any little minion lovers in your life.

For starters there is the little plush toys. Sophie had her sights instantly set on this and there was no way on earth Alf would get a look in! As you can see though, she really does love it and has taken it around everywhere since his arrival. Soph can be pretty grumpy at times (can't we all?) so this grumpy Minion is the perfect companion for her.

Up next are the dart launching toys. Alf loves anything like this anyway so to combine his love of firing things across the room with some of his favourite characters is just perfect.

The toys both come with two styled darts, one a fart cloud and the other a jelly blaster. These two have had bags of fun with these and even as a stand alone toy they are fab.

The best thing about most of these Minions are the ones with moving mouths and eyes. They are packed with character and give a whole new play aspect to the stand alone models. These two loved making them blink, mutter funny words and act out little stories together.

I love the female Minion Lucy and the option of dressing up as a fireman or leaving her more glam with her fancy hair on. This is super simple for little hands to do and loved by both of mine. Soph also loved the brilliant King Bob figure that comes complete with royal accessories as well as controllable mouth and eyes. They have a really lovely collection now and I know they will want to grow that even further and have already added more to their Christmas lists. 

Up last is the one I think would be the biggest wow present, it's a singing dancing Minion Bob and it's so cool! Both kids find him really funny and although I slightly wish there was the option of a volume switch at times, it's fun to watch and really has some character. Bob dances, sings and moves, a real delight for young fans and a lovely surprise when he comes out the box and moves along the table.

These brilliant Minion toys (and many more) are available from a number of retailers such as Toys R Us, Smyth's Toys & Argos. We loved taking these Minions for a spin! Do you have any Minion fans in your house? If so, you can keep up to date on important Minion news via their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Disclosure: We were gifted the items for review purposes. All thoughts, images and words are my own. The new Despicable 3 movie comes out in June next year and we can't wait!