Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Resolutions > Why Wait For New Year?

Why wait?

Every year without fail I think most of us make some kind of resolution for the new year, be it a quest to improve our fitness, be less wobbly, kick some bad habits or something even more adventurous. More often than not though, the pressure of new year following the indulgence of Christmas makes it feel harder than ever. It's cold, we feel sluggish and for most it signals a return to work (sigh) and a crash back to reality.

This has me wondering, why wait until new year to make resolutions? Why not start something now, kick a habit or two before Christmas and give yourself a head start! Here are a few resolutions which tend to be most common, along with a few tips to get started right now.

Get in shape

As much as people think there is lots of pressure to look a certain way, forget that. Getting in shape isn't just about looking hot but also about promoting good health, feeling more energetic, happy and well, if you happen to like what you see in the mirror a little more too then that's just a bonus. A few little switches you could make right now are to drink more water, swap your milk for a lower fat kind, walk more where possible or even reducing portions or treats. We can more than make up for it at Christmas, but feeling a little more cleansed beforehand will help us get on track soon afterwards.

School run Mum?

Get organised

With the new year comes the new diaries and the ideas to start a fresh, be more organised and often this goes out the window very quickly. Actually though, starting pre Christmas will make you feel great. Starting to declutter before all the Christmas carnage will make the house feel clearer as well as your mind. Why not try something like the Marie Kondo methods to get you on your way?

Quit smoking

Smoking is gross. I smoked for a long time so I am officially allowed to say this too. It makes your clothes, hair and breath smell, it's completely awful for your health and not to mention hideous for your wealth too. Simple changes such as cutting down one or two a day, skipping your smoking break at work or even making the switch to vaping with something like a shisha pen would be better altogether. 

Save money

Right now Christmas is only 11 days away so maybe this ones a little late, but even so if you pop a few pounds a day aside you will already have a good little chunk saved to get you started off in the new year. Whatever you're saving for, it doesn't have to take much to make a great saving stash. I love this idea from 'Skint Dad' that tells you how to save over £650 in a year with the penny challenge!

Those are the most common new years resolutions and there is absolutely no reason why we can't make some simple changes now and relieve some of that pressure for all things new at new year.

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