Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Year Plans (Not Resolutions!)

So long 2016...

2016 has been a very mixed year. To be fair I've had it a lot better than many and we've had a pretty good year for at least the last quarter.

Next year, I want to make some new steps to become healthier, happier and more organised in and out of the home. I don't want to set resolutions as such as they feel like way too much pressure. I do want to set some kind of goals though in an attempt to keep motivated, have some end goals to strive to achieve and also as I now work for myself, to keep that going from strength to strength with a few new additions.

I want to be more active with the kids, do more with Soph while I still have her at home most the time and also earn more money for us as a family. If I can improve on the areas below, then all these things should be vastly improved...

Better organisation

This year has been the complete shambles with my hideously bad organisation skills. I procrastinate when I should be writing, I dither when I should be getting housework done, the house is somewhat of a sty and I never know what day it is, let alone what I should be remembering to do. Getting more organised is my main focus for 2017. I have a new family planner from Mr. W for Christmas which I fully intend to use every single day. I need to keep track of money, school things for the kids and have more of a plan with my blog to keep up to date with everything.

Lose weight, get fit

This year has been awful for weight loss. I lost five stone last year and I have put nearly half that back on again this year, with most of that being just since summer! In my case, weight is important, it's not all about the perfect BMI or looking good (though those would be a bonus), but my back problems aren't going anywhere, I now know what's up with it, there is no point feeling down about it but instead I need to do everything I can to keep the damage to a minimum which would be relieved a little by losing weight and having less pressure on my spine. Stronger muscles would help a lot too. As well as my back, I do want to look and feel better. I loved how easy it was to shop for clothes with a smaller figure, I loved that I could have my photo taken and not want to crop them all showing only my face. I loved breathing better, feeling less wobbly and the sense of achievement from feeling healthier. Now my head is back in the right place, I want to get right back on track next year.

Work life

This year has seen me go from a part time job that I hated, to blogging/working from home, a huge step that had I not left work from illness I may not have made for quite some time. I felt I had to prove myself and I have definitely done that, making the money I needed and having lots of opportunities to work with amazing brands. Next year I want to keep going, build my blog and work on things like my kids book as well as adding a shop to my blog to sell craft/art products. I miss making things and think this will keep things even more interesting for me. I love working from home and really want to make this work long term, at the very least while the kids are at school. The last couple of weeks before Christmas I worked about 35 hours each week on my blog, so there is a lot to it and my hard work did pay off resulting in a fun Christmas and lots less stress. In the new year I'd like to start having one evening off for lazy sofa cuddles and a bit of undivided attention for Mr. W as I only work in the evenings currently.

That's my lot. What are your goals for next year?