Friday, December 09, 2016

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It's time!

I absolutely LOVE decorating the house at Christmas, maybe even more than I love taking it all down afterwards and making the house look super tidy again - is it just me?

Each year, we add more special items to our collection and we are certainly not conventional in our decorations. We don't have a colour scheme except for maybe 'anything goes' and the more colour the better! I love a white serene Christmas display but it's just not us. Colour, mayhem and fun in our decorations to reflect us and it's much more fun for the kids to join in that way too.

Beautiful but more colour needed!

The Christmas ranges in HomeSense are by far my favourite all year round and I get so excited to see what random goods they will come up each time. Last year there was a whopping great reindeer in the entrance to welcome Christmas shoppers and I was stunned to see a price tag on it (although it was well priced of course), I'd love to know who brought that!

This year I was greeted by some large wooden sleighs and they are gorgeous, I so wish I had the room for one, it would make the ultimate Christmas setting  for the kids. For now though, I'll stick to smaller decorations and random baubles to boost our collection, the weirder the better.

From baubles to wreaths HomeSense once again has everything in store to make our homes into winter wonderlands, from the all out CHRISTMASSSSS to the more subtle treats.