Thursday, December 01, 2016

Driving Home For Christmas?

Stay safe this Christmas

I've been driving now for a whopping 15 years and I have to say, since having children I have become a little terrified of being on the roads. It scares me how reckless people are nowadays, particularly here in Lincolnshire which is renowned for it's terrible drivers and accident rates. It scares me how fast people go, how little disregard people have and how everyone seems to have forgotten what an indicator is and respect for others whilst on the road.

Christmas time for me is a horrid time to travel, it's a time for cosiness, indulging and relaxing. The last thing any of us want to be doing is travelling too far and wasting those precious hours on the road, but for some, travel is a must at Christmas to see friends and family and complete those festive celebrations.

Although we can't improve the driving of others, there are several precautions we can take to ensure the safest possible driving experience this Christmas - here's a few top tips;

  • Avoid driving while you’re tired. 
  • Check that your tyres are correctly inflated.
  • Make sure you are topped up with fuel before you go too far.
  • Switch of cruise control if it's icy.
  • Always make sure all passengers have seat belts and that they are on before setting off.
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly.
  • Drive slowly (An obvious one but people don't!).
  • Allow more time to stop in case of icy roads.
  • Make sure you have breakdown cover.

Breakdown cover has been an absolute lifesaver for us, and nowadays even some of the cheapest car insurance policies can offer a reliable service for just a few extra pounds. From dodgy home starts to being stranded in the dark, it's a well worthy investment.

Those much needed checks before setting off are so important. Tyres need to be of legal tread as well as safely inflated and this makes a HUGE difference with road control, especially in poor weather conditions.

Wherever you're driving to this Christmas, please take care and have fun too!

A collaborative post with Chill Insurance.