Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My 2016 Review

The overview

Worldwide 2016 has been a bit of a bad one. We've lost countless celebrities, really big ones that lots of people loved, we've seen insane things happen politically and some of the cruellest most heartbreaking human behaviour for a long time. It's been scary at times and I am so thankful to be ending the year in my shoes right now. I really hope next year more can be done to help those who need it and there can be a little more love and respect everywhere.

2016 for us has been OK, we've had it a lot easier than other years, money has been much less of a problem and I think overall although it's had it's moments we've had quite a lot of fun and happy moments in and amongst the sleepless nights and poorly bugs. I finally have  diagnosis for my back problems which annoyingly really made me quite down for several months this year. Now I know, I can move on and live with it as there is no point feeling down any longer - it's not going anywhere basically!

Things have really picked up with my blog, I left a job I hated and feel so happy for doing so. We are all happy, healthy and have a roof over our heads so I really can't complain! Here's a few of this years favourites;

Loved watching...

This year we have watched a lot of TV, with my favourites being 'Married at first sight', 'First dates', Real Housewives and Eastenders. I haven't watched many films this year but the kids have loved discovering Disney classics and watching Finding Dory. There are a few films on my list to watch and maybe when I start having a day off the blog every once in a while I can see them. 

Loved eating/drinking

Coke Zero has been my staple this year drinks wise. I don't really do alcohol except for the rare times I have a night out so it's usually squash of some kind, Ribena when I fancy a treat and Coke Zero in the evenings. Food wise I have had lots of (far too much actually) bacon and pizza. I am addicted to tinned mandarins in juice and as always Cadburys chocolate which is my all time favourite.

Loved listening to...

Just lately I have really got into listening to music again. I used to listed to music all the time pre-children so it's nice to enjoy it again. I've loved listening to London Grammar, 00's trance music and bands like My chemical romance and the Chilli Peppers again. I am so out of touch with music at the moment so have really just been visiting some old classics depending on my mood and what I'm doing. Housework is way easier with some tunes!

Loved shopping at

Primark has been my favourite shop for clothes this year, you just can't go wrong for the price and although it may not always be the best quality, I'm always changing my mind, weight or style so it really doesn't always matter. I love Superdrug for all my makeup needs and Poundland is perfect for all those little bits and child pleasers. Wilko has been great too, for gifts and makeup as well as their haircare ranges which are vast and really well priced. We've done most of our family shops in Aldi but just recently started going to Tesco again for a little more variety.

Enjoyed doing...

I am a total shopaholic so that is my favourite solo venture. With the family I have enjoyed our trips to the forest most as the kids always seem super happy and it seems the least stressful thing to do all together whilst keeping everyone entertained. I've really enjoyed writing my blog, having the odd night out with other Mums and doing arts and crafts.

Been a little obsessed with...

I am pretty obsessed with makeup at the moment, it's my little bit of the day that is just for me, cheap to buy and I can try out new things all the time. I haven't quite mastered it yet but improved so much from last year. I'm still working on the perfect brows and after doing a Mac course in Nottingham I am much more confident with how to use products and tools. It's so fun! I have a pretty big kit now so will be looking into some kind of storage to keep it all tidy and hopefully doing another course soon.

My best memory

I think our trip to Bluestone Wales is one of my best memories from this year. We had such a lovely time, it was something I don't think we would normally have afforded and it was a review for my blog so really satisfying to have achieved that for my family. We hired a golf buggy, the kids loved it and we stayed in the most amazing cabin with views over Wales.

Top ten highlights

  1. Leaving job to blog from home
  2. Finally getting results for my back pain
  3. Meeting Linda Barker at Wren
  4. Soph's birthday trip to Sundown
  5. Bluestone holiday
  6. Alf starting school and loving it
  7. Visits to the seaside
  8. Weekends at the farm
  9. Taking the kids on the train
  10. Ending the year with a lovely Christmas

What were your highs and lows this year? Feel free to answer these questions too and tag me so I can read!