Friday, December 09, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide >> Bloggers

Blogtastic gifts...

Although bloggers vary hugely depending on their chosen field, I can bet there are a fair few that would be grateful for a few of these goodies under the Christmas tree this year. We tend to be busy and love things that help improve our life as bloggers, so these are my top picks for this Xmas.

1. Notebook | 2. Watch | 3. Gorillapod | 4. Desk | 5. Light box | 6. Charge purse 
7. Daylight lamp | 8. Olympus Pen | 9. Planner

Organisation is key as a blogger, something that I am seriously learning at the moment with a busy Christmas schedule. For me, I can never have too many notebooks (1) and a planner (9) that gives me space to plan my time properly would work wonders.

The Olympus Pen (8) has been mentioned a lot this year and as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. This camera is small and takes fabulous shots, perfect for a more discreet photo session and it looks great too. Along with this, the Gorrillapod (3) would make a perfect companion to your camera allowing you to take shots in all kinds of places, a must have for travel bloggers. The daylight lamp (7) would be ideal for those wanting to take photos after dark and work in decent light.

When it comes to working from home, it's easy to blog from the sofa but eventually I think most of us would love our own little bit of office space to get working properly and I love this little desk (4) it's pretty and practical and I think I may just have to have one. I am always strapped for time and I'm starting to think looking at my phone is a real pain, so a lovely watch like this one (2) would be perfect. You could even set the second clock to the time of your other most popular timezone. 

Lastly, these light boxes (5) are popping up all over and definitely haven't lost their charm yet. These are fab for making pretty Instagram pictures, fun titles and anything else you can dream up. Charging our gadgets on the go is an absolute must and I love the new charge purses that are popping up like this beaut (6), a higher budget one but gorgeous.

Whats on your blogger wish list this year?