Friday, December 09, 2016

Exhausted & Ready For Christmas


I love Christmas and I love all the excitement of it's arrival with Christmas markets, parties, fairs, school plays etc etc etc. So far though I'm already mentally and physically exhausted and ready for a break, I know the kids are too.

Next week we have lots to look forward to, but all I can think is that we have too much on, worrying about the logistics of getting from A to B when A is miles from B and the kids will be tired, moany and on foot! I'm sure when it comes to it, it will all be lovely but right now I am dreading all the rushing about that comes with it.

This week we've already had the Christmas market, two nativities, lots of shopping, tree putting up, a party, a wasted trip to a singing group that Soph hated meaning we left after about two minutes and lots more. My back is aching, my feet are throbbing and I'm super tired! I sound like the moaniest old person ever but it's true.

Roll on Christmas, roll on no school runs for a couple of weeks, roll on family time, roll on mince pies and roll on having no plans, I can't wait! I'm currently sat watching the Christmas tree lights twinkle, thinking how nice it will be to sit here in a week or two with babies under a blanket watching Christmas films! Bring it on.