Friday, December 23, 2016

Food: World Of Snacks >> Review

Snacks from around the world

When it comes to snacking, it's truly one of my favourite pastimes. I am a total food lover and if I could eat 24/7 I am sure I would do. I love finding new snacks and meeting new flavours, so when I was kindly asked to review a snack box from World Of Snacks I was of course pretty delighted - food by post. Yes!

World of snacks is a real treat for those with a love of food and flavour, with the joy of finding new flavours and occasionally being reunited with those experienced in childhood. The boxes are just £13.99 a month here in the UK which includes postage, containing snacks from a different country each month. There is no set contract or anything like that so you can cancel it at any time making it a perfect gift to yourself or someone you love.

"We aim to bring a unique experience to our customers. With sweets and snacks imported from all over the world we hope that opening your package becomes the highlight of your month. Some you will love, some will be unusual and some will be something you have never tried."

The box I was sent was jam packed with Japanese snacks. I was secretly hoping my month would be Japan as I love their kooky sweets and packaging styles. My box did not disappoint, it had plenty of snacks inside with a few familiar items and a few that I had no clue what they even were - the joy of the surprise snack! The accompanying paperwork tells you everything you know though, so it's not all guess work unless you want it to be.

Having experienced subscription boxes for review in the past, the box size (think fitting through a letter box) was standard size and it felt a good weight. On opening the box I was excited to see a rainbow of snacks in all shapes and sizes, with my only battle being to get there before the kids.

When I opened my box I was pleased to see a few favourites that I had tried before as well as some crazy looking new sweets and treats. The box contained the following;

  • Hello Panda strawberry biscuits
  • Giant Caplico 
  • Pockys (strawberry & chocolate)
  • Chocolate Panda Face
  • Peko and Hello Kitty Lollipops
  • Make Your Own Sushi Shop
  • Plum Seasoned Wakame Seaweed
  • Spicy Burdock
  • Black Thunder Chocolate Bar
  • Soda Centered Soft Chewing Gum
  • Little Bobdog Cola Flavoured Candy Sticks
  • Matcha Green Tea KitKat

As a snack fan I had tried a few of these before, the sushi sweets from a Japanese subscription box I was sent (these are really tasty), Pockos, which are Mikados in our supermarkets but with a really yummy strawberry flavour one that I'd not tried before. Also, the panda biscuits are a favourite of mine but again I have only had the chocolate ones not strawberry and these are delicious, the kids helped me with these and they went in seconds.

I'd heard a lot of hype around matcha tea flavoured things, particularly the Kit Kat so I was excited to try these. Unfortunately this box has taught me that matcha flavoured things just aren't for me, the flavour to me is pretty unusual and a bit fishy!! I wouldn't buy these but it was great to try them out. I wasn't too keen on the little pack of spicy burdock but did quite like the seaweed which is really odd but lovely.

We liked everything else, loved the giant Caplico that tastes like an ice cream without the ice! So weird but so good. The Sushi kit is my favourite of all though, closely followed by the Black Thunder chocolate bar which I haven't had before but would definitely like to have again.

Overall I'd say I loved this box and service. The boxes are pretty generous with contents, they provide a really interesting selection of foods and I think the cost is really good as a little treat once a month too. I'd like to have seen more savoury as this box was a little heavy on the sweet, but I did love nearly every item, I tried new flavours and the whole experience was really exciting like being a kid again. Both kids really enjoyed trying the snacks with me and hearing all about Japan too.