Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Popping The Question This Christmas?

Christmas engagements...

When it comes to engagements, my story isn't the most exciting in the world, but lovely none the less. Looking back (13 years on), I wouldn't have it any other way and as much as it was a little bit of a disaster, it is something to smile about now and just goes to show it doesn't have to be the most romantic gesture in the world to make a big impact and start a new journey.

We were 19, at Uni together and after a rather indulgent Christmas night out, we embarked on a bit of an argument. This was one of those make or break rows that luckily ended with me throwing a shoe, Adam throwing a toilet roll, then us both crying and him proposing - see, I did say it wasn't glamorous! I am starting to see the odd engagement post crop up lately and it's so exciting!

Every Christmas I see at least one engagement story on my own Facebook feed and what a perfect time to pop the question. Christmas for most people is such a happy fun time, so the addition of a fresh new engagement to celebrate amongst closest friends and family couldn't come at a better moment.

Thinking out side the (ring) box, some lovely Christmas engagements I've heard of are;

  • Ring in a cracker
  • Ring hung on the Christmas tree
  • Ring box inside a box, inside a bigger box, inside a bigger box etc etc etc
  • Sneaky ring in an advent calendar
  • Ring in the bottom of the stocking
  • Proposal printed on baby's vest
  • Ring hung on the mistletoe for added wow

However you do it, it will be special, memorable and a moment to cherish forever. Thinking about engagement rings, whether you're a woman or a man, it's important to think about what your significant other will like to wear for the foreseeable future, considering the following;

  • Colour of gold or metal type
  • Ring size!
  • Plain, patterned or BLING
  • What kind of wedding ring will sit nicely alongside
  • Whether to have it engraved
  • What ring would suit their style long term
  • Your budget - rings don't have to be expensive and neither do weddings

When you've decided on a ring you can really get creative with your proposal idea. Why not involve family, children or pets to come up with a truly special moment (though be prepared children WILL blab!). Once your engagement is complete, you can both look ahead to an exciting 2017 jam packed with wedding planning and moving onto that exciting next chapter of your lives.

Thinking of proposing this Christmas? Good luck and please let me know how it goes!

This is a collaborative post.