May 31, 2015

7 th Heaven Face Masks - Review

Food for your skin...

I have a pretty simple daily beauty regime, but I do love the odd extra treat to liven up my skin. I'm busy all day with the children, work in the evenings and when I get a chance I like to give my tired thirty something skin a little extra care.

I find the quickest way to see results with your skin is to apply a Simple face mask. I've used a few now and my favourite are usually the peel off kind. I'm not keen on getting my face wet and like face masks to be quick, easy and relatively mess free to apply and remove. It's nice to have a treat without spending a fortune too. When you have kids its hard to think about yourself and justify spending too much on beauty products when someone always needs shoes, food or clothes!

I was asked recently to trial and review some new face masks from 7th Heaven. You may be more familiar with 7th Heaven by their old name, 'Montagne Jeunesse', (as catchy as Cheryl Coles new surname) the new name is much more memorable! You can buy these face masks in stores like Boots as well as Primark too I noticed this week. They are really worth sticking a few in your  shopping basket!

My masks!

'Pineapple Peel-Off',  The fruit enzymes peel away dead cells. 
'Tea Tree Peel Off' - De-stresses and helps to purge pores and clear skin.  
'Argan Oil Mud' - A weekly treatment that deeply cleanses and balances skin.  
'Banana and Honey Mask' - Cleans up and soothes skin.

These face masks retail at  a pound each and I can honestly say to any one who hasn't tried one before that your skin will feel better afterwards, the perfect budget beauty buy. The new 'flavours' are lovely and the peel off ones really peel well!

The masks all smelt lovely and were really easy to apply and remove. The 'mud' mask was pretty much the same colour as my foundation and dried to a clear smooth matt clay, I loved it. The peel offs go on sticky and peel off a but like cling film, brilliant for scaring small children. A surprising favourite for me was the banana and honey mask. It went on really smoothly and just felt like my skin had instantly had an overhaul. This one did need rinsing but was well worth it. I loved how the masks make your skin feel tight while they are working, it feels a lot more like a proper salon face treatment. You also get a really generous amount in the sachet, even if you've got a big head like me!

I know, a little scary!
These face masks would suit anyone that just wants a cost effective little boost for their skin. I would describe these as food for your skin, so refreshing. 7th Heaven also offer treatments for feet and hair which I am going to have to try, god knows they need help too!

If you would like to learn more about 7th Heaven or find your nearest stockists, you can visit them here.

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