May 05, 2015

My Holiday Memories #myholidaymemories

I've got lots of amazing and funny childhood holiday memories. From climbing a mountain riddled with frogs in Germany on a school trip, to my brother crashing my Dad's company car into our holiday chalet.
So many memories but unfortunately not too many pictures.

Since having my own children, holidays have taken on a whole other aspect. We are already making the best memories. I know its unlikely we will ever be able to go anywhere exotic, but also I know we don't need to to have fun.
I recently posted about our trip to Wales. Seeing your own child enjoy themselves to the extent ours did, is better than any exotic adventure. 

This is my favourite holiday picture.
It reminds me of the excitement of my own childhood, my love for the seaside, as well as being a lovely picture of my son with his first ever crab catch (he was terrified of them before the holiday!) Also his first go at rock pooling, something that will always have a place in my heart.

I hope you like it too.

This is my entry for the @covered_mag competition to (hopefully) win one of their amazing prizes!

Fingers, toes and eyeballs firmly crossed!

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