May 17, 2015

U-Cubes Multivitamins - Review

"Parents’ secret weapon for fussy eaters, fruit avoiders and sugar lovers... For parents who believe what's left out is as important as what's put in."
It can be worrying not knowing if your child is getting everything they need from their food. Both of mine are currently pretty good and will eat a good variety of fruit and vegetables, but I could not guarantee that they get everything they need from just eating alone. We have had moments with my son where for a good few months he was a very fussy eater (when it came to healthy foods), so following the advice of our health visitor, we began giving him multivitamins for a bit of extra peace of mind.

I was contacted recently by a company called Solgar regarding their innovative new product, U-Cubes. These are 'sweet' style 'Multivitamin and Mineral Gummies' for children. I was kindly sent the product to try out and review. My son A is three and a half and he joined me as my little test helper.

A loves sweets and like me does have a particularly sweet tooth, so he took no persuading in trying these out. We have used a few brands previously so we were able to compare in terms of taste, what they are like to eat and their all round goodness. The packaging advises two a day for his age, given at mealtimes. A had one with his mid morning snack and one after his evening meal. Children over the age of six can take four per day, amazing!

I loved how these arrived - how exciting!
The vitamins come in a BIG tub so will last a long time. The 'sweets' are cube shaped and have a fruit pastel/cola cube look to them. They taste really nice, they don't taste like they are packed full of goodness (sometimes you can taste the chemical taste I think) and my son thought he was such a lucky boy to be given two special sweets every day!  I'm sure he would have eaten the lot if you let him. Little did he know, he was in fact eating a little cube packed with all the essential vitamins, in particular vitamin D3 which is essential for bone development. We are all advised to give our children extra vitamin D now, and this is the perfect way, especially if you have super pale skin like us and don't get a lot of sunshine.
"In a world of children’s nutrition, health messages can be confusing. From 5-a-day, to sugar taxes and even vitamin deficiencies, it can be hard to ensure children are receiving all the key nutrients they need, and none of the artificial additives that they don’t need."

The U-Cubes come in three delicious flavours - grape, cherry and orange. The grape one is so good, if you could buy these as regular sweets they would be my new favourite! 

My son loved the packaging and the illustrations.
The 'sweets' are small and easy to chew, the first one my son said was 'sticky' but this didn't stop him and he never mentioned it again. I know what he means, but as they are aimed at aged three plus there would be no problem for any kids to enjoy these while they absorb the goodness.
"To help combat confusion, and provide parents with daily peace of mind on their children’s nutrient levels, Solgar® has created U-Cubes™ Children’s Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Gummies."

Perfect little 'sweets', the kids will never know!
U-cubes have been through vigorous testing to ensure they are the best they can be but are never tested on animals, another plus point. U-Cubes are available in a 60 or 120 sweet pots and are available from some independent pharmacies and health food shops, as well as several online and retail stores.

This tub is around the size of a pint glass!
Solgar produce a huge range of products for both adults and children. Almost all their products are free from sugar, salt, starch, soya, yeast, wheat, gluten and dairy products. They contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

U-Cubes get a big Waffly thumbs up from me and my boy.

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Please note-I was sent the U-Cubes in return for my honest feedback, all thoughts, words and images are my own.

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