May 15, 2015

The Tough Spot Has Arrived!

Last week Mr. Postman arrived with a huge parcel, it was our tough spot!

For anyone that isn't familiar with these, they are large plastic trays that builders use to mix their cement in.

If you're familiar with Pinterest, do a quick search for 'tough spot ideas' and you will soon understand why I am excited. If you're not familiar with Pinterest, sign up now and say goodbye to many hours of your life!

Pretty handy to contain the Lego!
Most of the activities I want to use the tray for, are 'outside activities' AKA messy. We were lucky enough to get a scorcher of a day yesterday for some water play! Lots more to come I hope.
Sunny water fun
We've not had too much time to play yet, but have set baby S up with a mixture of her favourite balls to play with and she loved it. The tray contained the balls so Baby was able to play without getting frustrated. They are used to using the trays at the local Children's Centre groups, so A was excited to see this arrive.

Baby S exploring different textured balls.

I'll Keep you updated on the blog with our different activities but here is what we have planned so far. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Jurrasic Park
Driving Tracks
Shaving Foam Paint
Building Site 
Spaghetti play
Rock Pools

Thanks for reading.

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