May 21, 2015

ALDI Baby Event - 28th May

I was recently sent some information on the Aldi baby and toddler event and I was really surprised at the products available as well as the low prices on offer. I was kindly sent some products that will be featuring in the event to explore and review and I will definitely be heading up to my local store for more.

Maternity tops £5.99 and Leggings £6.99
From the 28th May, all Aldi stores across the UK will be filling up with some amazing baby and toddler items as well as maternity clothes for us ladies too. At the baby & toddler event there will be some great offers. There will be perfect gifts as well as every day essentials at amazing prices. If you've not been before, I'd really recommend it, even if just for their muslin cloths, they are the best!

Among the items up for grabs, there will be nursing pillows, storage drawers, sleep suits, nursing bras, bibs, blankets, clothing and lots more. If you are pregnant or have a new baby you will find pretty much everything you need to get started.

We were sent a cot duvet set which is lovely and soft and well priced at £9.99. Baby S has really enjoyed using this lovely soft set. We pre-washed it all and it washed very well. We were also sent a super soft dimple blanket which baby loves to snuggle, these would make great gifts and will be on sale at £3.99 as well as cellular and knitted blankets too.

Super soft duvet set.
One of my favourite items are these learning.books that you can write on using white board type markers and then wipe clean. My son is four this year and I found the number trace book really good at getting him to concentrate and trace the numbers and practise his counting, these books would make such a great present for kids his age and this one even comes with the pen.

Amazing little learning book in action! 
We were also given a little raincoat for A to wear, in a gorgeous shade of green. This is great quality and having had some Aldi specials myself, I know it will last well. It zips easily and looks super cute. It's been really hard trying to find a simple lower price raincoat like this  on the high street too. The sizing is spot on for age and as these come in a packet I thought this would be good to know.  A is 4 in October and this jacket is 3-4, perfect.
He's 3 and posing, that's a review in itself!
I think my favourite item of all and major bargain alert has to be these smart trikes with a parent handle. They come in a few different colours and are a total steal at £19.99!

I really recommend going along to your local store on the 28th because when its gone, its gone! 
Don't miss out!

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Please note - I was sent items in exchange for my honest feedback, all thoughts are my own.

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