May 26, 2015

The Cuddle Company - Review

When it comes to babies, there is nothing better than those sleepy snuggles and cuddles. Babies love comforters and feeling different textures especially when they are soft and cosy to get snoozy with. There are a few comforters out there on the market and they make a lovely new baby gift, but it's always good to find something a little more unique.

Both my children have special toys for bed time but nothing comforting that I can take out and about with us, or that I can secure in any way. As they get older they still enjoy the comfort, but also need a little more entertaining. I usually have a few little toys in my handbag to pull out to avoid tears when they get a little grumpy, but they are usually dropped and only hold their attention for a few seconds. The perfect solution, something comforting that is also fun!

The Cuddle Company

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try a product from The Cuddle Company. I chose a product called 'Taggiez'. If you aren't familiar with these products, they are a super soft sensory fiddle toy/comforter with various textures of ribbon all round the edge, topped and backed with soft fluffy fabrics and personalised with a nice chunky machine embroidered name. The idea of something comforting that would actually relax baby and give her something to keep her occupied seemed like such a great idea. I have seen similar products to these before and seen The Cuddle Company Facebook page, so I have always been intrigued as to what they would be like in the flesh. I am happy to say this surpassed my expectations!

The quality of this product is amazing. All the fabrics used are thick and strong but still light enough for baby to handle with ease. The comforter washed really well and retained its 'fluff'. Baby S was given a giraffe themed Taggiez with a variety of ribbons, soft giraffe print back and super fluffy front, we love it! My nearly four year old son was disappointed he didn't have one too and was equally as interested to play with it.
The looped ribbons make it easy to attach to the pram or car seat to avoid losing it. Baby went straight to work exploring the ribbons and running the fabric between her little hands, she seemed to like laying it over her head too!

The Cuddly Company have a great collection of products on offer and they would be the perfect choice for a new baby. The items can be fully personalised, not only with the name and date of birth but the fabrics and fonts too. The Taggiez start from £12.
The prices are very reasonable given that they are handmade in the UK, to your design and from such good quality materials. We love our 'Taggiez' and would definitely recommend them. To find out more you can visit The Cuddle Company website here.

A very happy and content Baby.

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Please note - I was sent the Taggiez toy in exchange for my honest feedback. All words and thoughts are my own based on the product alone.

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