May 14, 2015

Arthur or Martha? Why I just had to know!

When it comes to having children, I just had to find out the gender of my babies. It wasn't that I wanted anything in particular, at least not the first time. I did of course want them to be healthy and I knew it didn't really matter, but I just had to know.

Was it an Arthur or a Martha?

At our 20 week scan with A, our baby boy, he presented himself almost immediately  -genitals first! There was no question of what we would be having. As it was our first baby, it really didn't matter which we had so we were over the moon. Part of me wanted a girl because my husbands family were so strong in making boys, that they were convinced we would have a boy and I wanted to prove them wrong!
When baby S came along, I had secretly really hoped for a girl. I felt like having one of each would take that pressure off of having more. I always wanted a girl to dress up and for Alfie to play with, he wasn't keen on having a brother. At our scan the sonographer told us she was 97% sure it was a girl and that she wasn't allowed to say 100% but was sure of her decision and that she had been doing her job for 30 years. This wasn't good enough for me and as we had birthdays coming up we saved up for a 4-D scan, which of course showed she had been right and that we would be getting our girl. Even at the scan you could tell she looked like her big brother, an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Its a girl! 25 week scan
There are a few reasons why I just have to find out the gender of my babies. Part of me would love a surprise and maybe if we ever had another we would consider it, but so far, lack of patience, pure excitement and practicality has got the better of me.

Aside from being too impatient to wait the whole 9 months to find out, I wanted to plan. I wanted to choose a name and I wanted to get to know the little people in my tummy. I wanted to decorate the nursery and pick out special toys and clothes.
With both pregnancies we also had a name picked out early on, they just kind of stuck. We didn't really call the bump by its name too regularly, but it did feel like we got to know each other before the big day.
We don't have a great deal of money, so I wanted to find out the gender so we could stock up on things and spread the cost. I'm not a huge fan of neutral clothes unless they are very bright in colour, which are pretty hard to find!

A & S - My 'Arthur & Martha'.
I know I would love my babies whatever they were and another boy would have been amazing too, but I just had to know or I think my little old heart may just have popped out my chest with anticipation!

Who knows, maybe one day we will have another and wait for the special 'It's a boy!' moment, though I think right now, the Waffles are happy as a tribe of four.

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  1. I felt exactly the same, I didn't mind so long as they were happy and healthy, but when we were told at 18 weeks that we were having a little girl, I suddenly knew that I'd wanted a girl all along! I don't think much of neutral clothes, everything seems to be cream or yellow and I'm all for bright colours! I hope we have a boy if we're lucky enough to have another but of course, I really don't mind. We wanted to prepare, buy clothes and spread the cost, like you say, so I think I'd have to find out next time too, the excitement almost killed me waiting to know this time! XX

    1. Wow I'm impressed how anyone manages to wait but I bet its so nice to have a surprise :) I also liked knowing second time so my son could get used to the idea too...

      Thank you so much for reading and good luck for baby #2!! X