May 25, 2015

LUSH! - Review

To me there is no better gift than some decent 'smellies' especially bath products. My absolute favourite are bath bombs. I love all pamper products and if I had more hours in the day, I would be found wallowing in a hot bubble bath, lathered up to my eyeballs in fancy soap with a face mask on, glass of wine in hand and candles lit, heaven. 

I was contacted recently by the lovely people from LUSH and given the opportunity to try some of their beautiful products, how lucky am I?! If you aren't familiar with LUSH, they are a handmade bath products company and they have high street stores (the Oxford Street store looks amazing!) as well as an on line shop! LUSH are against animal testing, 100% vegetarian and use recycled packaging. They also use stunning Indian papers, to find out more about these - as it is very cool, you can read this.

I was sent to try;
  • 'Dream Cream' - Hand & body lotion
  • 'Handy Gurugu' - Hand cream
  • 'No Drought' - Dry shampoo
  • 'Twilight' - Bath ballistic
  • 'Ickle Baby Bot' - Bath ballistic (for kids, with sleep inducing qualities!)
  • 'Wiccy Magic Muscles' - Massage bar

I have purchased LUSH products for friends and family as gifts but never actually had the chance of trying them much myself. When I pass the shops the smell is just amazing, looking in the shop is a sensory mash up of beautiful colours, smells and a variety of products, all set to make bath time and skincare smell sublime and be totally relaxing.

'Handy Gurugu' hand cream is really thick and lush (excuse the pun) and feels wet and not too greasy. It absorbs really nicely into the skin and leaves it feeling really cool, plumped and hydrated. It comes in a little ice cream style pot like nothing else I have seen which is really cute and means you get to use every last speck of the pot with no waste like you get from the traditional hand cream tubes.

The hand and body lotion 'Dream Cream' is so good! I love love love this, the texture is light and airy almost whipped up cream that is cool and refreshing and just leaves your skin feeling super soft. It is such a treat for the skin and smells really good too. Anyone would love to receive this cream, however fond of lotions and potions, it's so nice and versatile as well as being mild for sensitive skin.

The 'No Drought' dry shampoo comes in loose powder form in a little bottle. Ive not seen dry shampoo like this before and only used a spray. You can puff the powder onto your hair or put it in your hands first. If 'puffng', just be careful not to get too much out at once! You get used to how much you need pretty quick and it is really easy to put on with your hands too. You can brush your hair afterwards and it works really well to buy you an extra day (or two if I'm honest) of your hair wash. This worked pretty well on me being fair, I'm not sure if it would show on a darker barnet or work just as well?

The 'Twilight Bath Ballistic' was huge! It really fizzed up and smelt amazing. It was pretty heavenly to lay in and I love watching it do its thing in the water, fascinating. I am a big bath bomb fan as I mentioned earlier and this is easily the best and most active one I have used! This one was baby pink and after its initial noisy fizz up it revealed a blue centre that bubbled up and looked like some crazy science experiement, really relaxing to watch. If you break a bit off and crumble it in your fingers it turns into velvety soft buttery bubbles and feels lovely on your skin when you have a soak. It was as relaxing watching it do its thing as the bath itself! My skin felt super soft afterwards and when I got into bed I felt reallly relaxed. I have had a few cheap bath bombs before but nothing compares to these, I will be treating myself to these regularly now, never mind as gifts!

The 'Ickle Baby Bot' is a tiny robot shaped bath bomb for children that is said to have sleep inducing qualities, well that's me sold. I got my toddler to put the robot in his bath while he 'ahhhed and ooohed' watching it foam and frolic in the water. My boy switches out like a light most nights so it's hard to tell if it made a big difference sleep wise but never the less it was cute, made bath time fun, smelt good and made the water lovely. A perfect little extra gift or weekly treat for your little ones or any grown up robot fans!

The 'Wiccy Magic Muscles Bar' is like nothing I have seen before, it melts like chocolate on the skin but transforms into a beautiful oil which then enables you to massage achy muscles, this was a great little product and my husband was a big fan after his day out mountain biking and evening work out.

I had a lovely time reviewing these products and I felt thoroughly spoilt getting to use all these beautiful luxurious feeling products, such a treat! I am mostly excited about the bath ballistic, though I can genuinely say I loved everything I was sent. The Lush products smell great, look fun and you can feel that they are really good quality. I love that they are hand made and the stylish packaging and presentation gets a big thumbs up from me as its totally unique. I will continue to buy these as gifts and can say without doubt that anyone would be happy to receive these. I am also now a total convert and will treat myself to some LUSH bits for my child free 'me time'.

If you would like to learn more about LUSH, you can visit their website here.

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