May 18, 2015

Gratitude List - Week 5

My happy week

Here is my gratitude list for the past week. I've had several lows, so writing this list really helps me bring the positives out from the shadows and think of those, instead of dwelling on the negative.

1. Buying a new jacket that's a million miles from what I normally choose and loving it!

2. Spending my birthday shop vouchers on a week where money is tight, free shopping is definitely a winner!

3. Losing another pound on the scales, another pound nearer to better health and fitting in some decent jeans!

4. My baby trying to make me laugh playing peekaboo, so cute.

5. My washing machine breaking. Seriously trying to see the positive in this one, no washing for me this week, wahoo!

6. Making my son laugh until he cried.

7. Fitting back into my engagement ring after 4 years.

8. Getting conformation of my sons nursery hours for September, the ones I wanted and also very grateful that he wasn't born a few weeks earlier and starting school this year!

9. Thankful that my son is such a funny happy little soul, balancing out the fact he struggles to listen to anything I say right now.

10. My baby daughter managing to settle for her Daddy OK while I go to work in the evening, one less worry while I'm there.

That's this weeks list. I could write lists and lists about my children at the moment, they make me so grateful for everything.

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