May 22, 2015

Holding babies

It never occurred to me until recently just how weird it can be holding someone else's baby.
Before I had kids, the mere thought of holding someone's precious new bundle had me running for the hills. Wobbly heads, tiny little delicate arms and legs and just knowing all eyes are on you can be scary business.

When you have your own babies, they just feel right, they fit like a little fleshy puzzle piece in your arms, on your hip, anywhere.

Holding another persons baby, however close you are it feels like you are wandering around with shoes on that are three sizes too big. Its not, not nice. But it is weird, they don't fit, they feel heavy and awkward. 
Even now after two children, my arms turn into planks when I get handed a tiny baby that isn't mine. 

I guess our babies are just kind of made to measure, our perfect puzzle pieces.

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