May 26, 2015

This Girl

I posted recently about my son, 'This Boy'. It's only right that his beautiful little sister gets the same treatment, my little peas in a pod.

This girl came into our lives exactly as we had planned, she gave me no trouble in my tummy, she behaved herself pretty well on exit and has been nothing but a total joy to be around since the very first second we saw her. Who knew quite how much love would hit you when you have a baby the first time round and feeling that exact feeling all over again is something so amazing to me I can't even put it into words.

This girl has never woken up crying, but always with a smile. 

This girl has slotted into our lives with nothing but a cheerful squeak. She seems just so happy to be here and already has such a strong personality, a soft cheerful kind funny person, at only 9 months old. She loves her big brother so much she gets sad when he leaves for nursery, she giggles with excitement when we pick him up and she laughs for him like no one else.

This girl makes your heart melt looking at her big watery pools of blue eyes and can make you smile from ear to ear at any second of the day. She has had nowhere near the attention our son had when he was born, but has been relaxed and happy and gone along with everything on her little journey so far.
I cant wait to see what sort of person she becomes and to see her beautiful little face laugh a billion times more on our little adventures.

This girl is just the best baby girl anyone could ask for, I have no idea what I did to get so lucky with my two beauts but I am so glad I did it.

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