May 10, 2015

My Gratitude List: Week 4

I have had an exciting week at Wafflemama. Baby S has her tooth through, so has slept a bit and seems generally a lot happier. I had a bit of a battle with work to sort my shifts out, but we have got there (hopefully) and the shifts haven't made me feel entirely reckless, so that can't be a bad thing. My blog is doing well and I feel I am moving it in the direction I wanted to, but never knew I could. 

My health and fitness venture seems to be going pretty well too, I just need my eldest to sleep and I wouldn't know myself. My only downside for this week is that I didn't check my emails for a day and missed out on something really exciting, lesson learnt!

So here is my gratitude list for this week, as usual I've stuck to 10, for waffle limitation!
  1. Baby S began to crawl. No more knotted legs and tears!
  2. My Son A settling at nursery. We made it there every day without tantrums.
  3. Sunny days. Nothing like feeling warm, and everything looks better!
  4. Surviving another week of work and appreciating a work free Sunday.
  5. Losing another 2 lbs taking me to a 30lb loss (sounds better in pounds than stones!)
  6. Appreciating the beauty of our city
  7. Feeling creative again and putting my skills to good use
  8. Hearing my son tell his sister she is his best friend (he didn't know I was there) and give her a little forehead kiss. Too cute for words.
  9. Enjoying amazing food and learning to cook it!
  10. Seeing newly hatched chicks, too cute.
Looking forward to seeing what the next week will bring.

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