Friday, May 22


This is just a little post about karma, something I really, really believe in. I'm not religious, so really you have to believe in karma or you would go crazy trying to justify things at times.
If you treat people kindly and respectfully then there will be nothing to come bite you in the arse at a later date, I really believe that.

This week a young man saw me counting my change in the charity shop to buy my son some books. I was short so we were deciding what to put back. This guy was just a passing customer and he handed me the money I was short of and told me that he was 'happy to, as it was for a child and that there aren't many good people in this world, so he was glad to help'.

He was so right, there really aren't many nice people in this world. I struggle every week to carry my pram up the stairs of the club where my weigh-ins are held, twice in seven months I've been offered help, usually people just stand there or tut at my slow going. Helpful.
I really hope the guy in the shop gets his dose of good karma. It may have only been a little change, pence really, but it saved my boy being disappointed, stopped me feeling silly, meant we got a few extra books which will help my son learn and planted a big pair of smiles on our faces too. I do things like this all the time so it was nice to be on the receiving end.

Equally, this morning I saw a live dose of bad karma being dealt out. We had our new washing machine delivered (hoorah) and behind the van on our narrow street was a man in a car shouting that the delivery man had to move the van so he could get to work. 

We needed our delivery, the van couldn't go anywhere and the man could easily have reversed and gone the other way. Instead he sat there and beeped his horn mouthing off out the window, impatient fool.
The van left and the man scowled at us and went to drive off. For some reason though, his car wouldn't start and he had broken down, that's karma bitch. I couldn't help but flash a smug smile as we closed the front door.
In the words of Bill & Ted, be excellent to each other, always!
Thanks for reading,Wafflemama


  1. I believe in karma too, so sorry to hear about your weight loss access lack of help though! lovely post x

    1. Thanks for reading :) It's ok, I like to think the weight lifting of the pram helps my efforts :) xx

  2. what a lovely man!
    It's a shame not everyone is like that.

    1. I know it was so kind :) thank you for reading xx

  3. I believe in karma too! I choose to believe there is more good than bad though. This is a lovely post and I'm glad you met that kind man x

    1. Thank you for reading :) definitely good karma works wonders and hopefully more people will begin to think the same way xx


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