May 24, 2015

My Gratitude List Week 6

These weeks are really flying by, I cant believe it is nearly June and my baby is ten months next week, pure craziness! Plenty to be thankful for as always, but here's ten thoughts for this weeks gratitude list.

  1. After months of convincing myself I had a serious illness, I finally got the courage to have tests done. It turned out that I am just majorly low in vitamin D which caused really bad bone pain and a seriously low mood. Feeling very lucky it was nothing serious and that I am one of the lucky ones.
  2. My son (3) sleeping through for the first time in ten months.
  3. My super comfortable bed. Sleep is totally precious at the moment and that feeling of laying down on our heavenly bed is just the best in the world, we even end up with both kids in too most nights.
  4. Tasty healthy foods and seeing the benefits of them.
  5. My baby daughter still having the tiniest cutest little feet, I just love looking at all her tiny toes.
  6. Having the nicest week playing with my two babies at home, appreciating our time together.
  7. Finally having some new glasses.
  8. My handsome husband being as lovely as ever.
  9. Starting to feel comfortable in my own skin and feeling that I have my style back a little.
  10. A kind man giving me money to buy my son a book, inspiring my karma post.
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Linking up with the Enchanted pixie's 52 weeks of gratitude.

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