May 20, 2015

BubaBloon - Review

Kids and babies love playing with balloons and as much as I love to see them have fun, the second I hear a bang I panic about the debris from the balloon and bits being put in little mouths. They don't last long and the awful squeaking noises they make, well it makes me shudder just thinking about it!

Meet the Bubabloon! Pocket size fun.
I was offered to try the 'Bubabloon' and jumped at the chance to try this product, which to me is pure genius! If you haven't heard of Bubabloon, it's basically a fabric panelled sphere that turns a basic party balloon into an instant ball to make balloon play totally safe for baby. They come in a little pouch so are great to keep in your bag for those spare of the moment picnics or park days and come in lots of funky fabrics. Ours had a pirate style skull and crossbones pattern in lovely shades of purple.

Baby S with her gifted Bubabloon!
When I received the BubaBloon, my first thought was what good quality the fabrics are, and I also liked the varied coloured panels. It's like a super classy beach ball but a million times more fun.

Lightweight & fun.
It was very easy to put the Bubabloon together, simply blowing and knotting the balloon as normal inside the fabric 'bloon', tying it and tucking the knot back inside. Once inflated and closed, you are left with a light soft, super fun balloon ball which is safe as well as super appealing for the kids and babies. My first thought was that you would literally never guess it was a balloon inside, it felt much more like a plastic football but super super light.

My son A is full of beans, constantly. He is three and a half and he loved this product. Normally a balloon would be squeaked, popped, get all mucky and eventually pop while I spend 99% of the time cringing at the squeaks and waiting for the inevitable bang! This time, A came at me with his usual graceless enthusiasm and began playing with the Bubabloon. It seemed that the novelty of the item, knowing it was a balloon, knowing he could legitimately kick it around near his sister in the house without getting told off was a real plus point. He also spent lots of time trying to pop it, mainly as he knew we had a good supply of replacement balloons! He didn't pop it at all but did kick it around and experiment with it by banging on his sisters head, she seemed quite happy with this arrangement.

The toddler test!
Baby S has just started crawling and she loved chasing this around and laying on it. It is so light that she was able to throw it around too (when she got a look in). She was able to pick it up really easily because of the fabrics and it was the first time she has 'played' really with a ball and not just felt it or held it.

The Bubabloon would make a great gift, it's really unusual and such a brilliant idea. I love the idea of having an instant toy within a few seconds that fits in my pocket! We are throwing baby S a birthday party in July which will no doubt have a few babies and toddlers there, having a few of these would make such a fun feature at the party. I have a friend with a terrible balloon phobia and I'm sure this would suit her too.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this product to parents, people wanting gift ideas and party planners everywhere!

If you would like to learn more or buy the Bubabloon, you can visit their website here.

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Please note -I was sent the Bubabloon in return for my honest feedback, all thoughts, words and images are my own.

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