May 06, 2015

Funny things Alf does...

My three year old totally cracks me up. He has an amazing sense of humour and really is his own little person, even if sometimes he is more like a grumpy old man. I thought I would write a list of a few of the things that he will most probably be mortified about when he is a teenager, this could come in handy. For the moment though, they are just funny and sweet!

Happy little fella.
  • Calling me babe
  • Slapping my bottom
  • Stealing my make up, applying it better than me.
  • Coming downstairs in his pants with rainbow leg warmers on his arms and legs, telling me he is ready for dancing.
  • Telling me he never needs a wife, because he has me.
  • Saying that he never needs to move out because he wants to be with us forever.
  • Pulling Nanna's top down and saying "You got some boobies in there somewhere?".
  • Screaming the farm down because a girl called him a "crying pants".
  • Demanding hand cream and his 'lipstick' ( a lip balm).
  • Saying that he doesn't want any other babies because he already has the best one in the world (his sister).
  • When he was younger and he was scared of his boy bit, it went big so he punched it.

That's just a few. Aren't I lucky to get to hang around with such a cool lovely little guy!

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