May 07, 2015

Sleeping Like A Baby

The expression "sleeping like a baby", means so much more before you have children and you just see pictures of sleepy babies dreamily laid out squished on something fluffy.

Once you've had babies of your own, you realise that this expression is nothing more than a load of baloney for most and begin to understand why pictures are usually only of blissfully sleeping newborns. They otherwise mostly cry or poop up their backs, sometimes up to their neck and down to their ankles, they are highly skilled creatures.

Babies do of course sleep, sometimes a fair bit, but often not when you want them to and rarely through the night early on. Some babies do, but at some point they will be a rubbish sleeper so never dare be too smug, just appreciate every speck of sleep before it's cruelly whipped away from you!

They may sleep well for a while, then get a bug or teething kicks in and you're back to square one with the sleepless nights and days of yawn talking, something me and Mr. Waffle are fluent in.

Siblings can be very different too. Through no fault of your own, one could sleep like a dream boat and one could be up every hour.
I used to find myself holding my crying baby through the night, looking glaring at my peacefully sleeping husband thinking "what is the point in you?". It seemed I was the only one to hear the baby and his devil cries! Thank god baby two is a sleeper or we would have no hair left.

(At this point I should add that my hard working husband did help out a lot and is amazingly helpful this time round and very handsome, with a lovely beard).

This really made me laugh - sorry Dads!

For any new mums out there battling with baby through the night, wondering if they are too hungry or in pain or that you're doing something wrong. Your baby is normal, they don't "sleep like babies" often and you have nothing to worry about. Sup that coffee and get those matchsticks in your eyelids and sail on through. Those extra night time cuddles will be sorely missed some day. Every cloud!

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