May 03, 2015

My Gratitude List: Week 3

This week has been a little hard at times. It was a crash slam back down to reality after our holiday, big time back to work blues for me, Mr. Waffle back at his work and my son A at his new nursery. I don't think any of us wanted to go back and A came a close second to me in the tantrum stakes.

Baby S is teething and her big brother can't sleep in his room so we are crazy tired but as always with lots to be thankful for. Here's this weeks list.

  1. Making it through my first shift at work unscathed.
  2. Getting a big lay in on Saturday and a long proper hair wash!
  3. Getting some great responses from my blog posts and seeing it grow.
  4. Feeling excited about my illustrating and going digital.
  5. Getting myself some nice clothes in the sales.
  6. Baby S saying 'hello'. She just needs to remember how to say 'Mama' again and I'll be happy!
  7. Actually getting the hang of the whole clean eating thing and sticking to it.
  8. Losing two pounds (in weight not money).
  9. Finding Baby S's hat that she dropped in town, its my favourite and she's worn it her whole little life so far.
  10. Having some nice one on one time with A while his sister sleeps, mainly just cuddling on the sofa like we used to.
I wanted to put 'getting some Cillit Bang with the shopping', but I appreciate this really shouldn't be as exciting as I think it is.
That's it for this week!

Thanks for reading.
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