May 24, 2015

How To Love Your Salad!

The art of salad...

I used to hate salad with a passion, I was a total salad dodger. Since embarking on my healthier eating ways, (note - healthier and not healthy, I still love my treats) I have really enjoyed my salads. I used to think of salads as being lettuce, tomato and cucumber. I never much liked cucumber and tomatoes are pretty much the handy work of the devil, so it was no wonder the idea of a salad had me reaching for the carbs.

I have found some magic ways to make salads nice, maybe even make you love salads as much as I do. Here are five simple ways in which you can make your salads great!

Make it colourful...

Pack your salads out with as much colour as possible. Sweetcorn, peppers, sweet peppers, sugar snap peas, grated or shredded carrot, shredded raw courgette (trust me its amazing! Use a Julienne peeler), red onion, grapes, tomatoes, olives and much much more! Mix it up, don't be afraid to mix different flavours and textures and make it as good to look at as it is to taste.

Make it BIG...

The mistake so many people make when it comes to salad is to make them tiny. They are a meal in themselves and can be so filling. Start with a bulk base like the courgette, carrots, lettuce etc, a decent serving, topped up with everything else.

Don't be shy on the meat...

If you're having meat with your salad, be it chicken, ham or bacon, don't hold back just add plenty! You want to enjoy your meal, it needs to feel satisfying as well as be really tasty.

Get creative...

There are so many sources of inspiration nowadays, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google, the list goes on. Never get stuck in a rut and always keep looking for new ideas, ingredients and flavours.

Add a dressing...

There is nothing worse than feeling like eating your salad is a chore. This can be the case if it is quite dry. If you need one, don't be afraid to add a dressing. Look for ones that are low in fat, add some spice or search for recipes to make your own and keep it interesting.

Happy salad making and I hope you will soon love them too.

Thanks for reading!


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