May 06, 2016

5 Things: Body Confidence Challenge

5 Things...

I was recently tagged by fellow blogger Lucy from Hello Beautiful Bear in this post all about body confidence. The challenge is to name 5 things we love about our bodies.

Now at one time I was hideously self loathing, I always put myself down. Well not any more. I don't know if it's a turning 30 thing or becoming a Mum, but I have come to realise that looks aren't all that. Health is what really matters and keeping my family safe and happy. Happiness is the most important thing in the world.

Don't get me wrong, if I could wave a magic wand there would be things I would change and with a bit of hard work I could look better than my current model, but I am OK with my body, it's served me well despite what I've put it through. I am truly blessed with my life and even with this big old body too. It works, it's carried the best two children in the world and it's just about survived to tell the tale, all be it a slightly wobblier, less mobile version of it's former self. Who needs a working pelvis anyway?

So here it is, the five things I am happy with about me, to show my bit of body confidence.

My bum

I know, I know. As a female it's pretty much a given that I should hate my bum and I used to! Now though, when many have flat and saggy bums I still have this big ol' rump that seems to be going nowhere. It shakes when I run, it ruins jeans shopping and is no longer big enough to balance pint on, but I have grown to see it as an asset (ass-et) and so I'm putting it here.

My eyes

I have big blue eyes just like both my babies. In certain lights they can look crazy deep and bright and they have always been a useful tool. Aside from the blueness, they do a pretty useful job too!

My ears

I have Dennis the Menace ears that stick out a little too much, they are butterfly wing shaped with big ploppy lobes and they don't even match, but I like them now. I always tried to hide them but now I see my babies with their own miniature little sticky outty butterfly winged ploppy lobed ears, it puts a whole new perspective on it! I love their little ears, so technically I have to love mine - they are the same.

My Tummy

Again as a woman and especially one that's had two kids this should be up there on the magical fix wish list, but really I don't care that it's scarred from stretch marks or resembles a deflated balloon. My tummy looked after my babies, I spent hours holding it to feel tiny kicks, happy wiggles and talking to it so my babies would learn to know my voice. My tummy may not ever be as flat as it once was, but who cares? Not me.

My hair

I have dyed my hair a million times over the years, I've burnt it with straighteners, I've ironed it - yes with an ACTUAL iron! I've shoved in in a bun more times than I care to think about and caked it in dry shampoo. Luckily though it's still hung around and I actually kind of like the way it looks now, well, once it's dyed and straightened...

Over to you!

That's my five. I struggled to think of five initially but I got there in the end! This is such a great challenge and I think even if you aren't a blogger it is a great idea to sit back and try and think of what your five would be. We all need to be a bit more appreciative of all that our bodies do for us and far less self loathing! 

I'll be tagging below, but if you'd like to get involved after reading this, please tag me so I can read yours too! If you'd like to take part, I'd like to invite;


  1. You are beautiful! (Although I've never seen your ass -et, I'm sure it is worth being proud of). Happy #FriYAY

  2. This is such a great post, and such an important message. :)
    Go you!
    I also have big blue eyes, and so do my little ones. :)
    Sarah xx

  3. This is great, I may try to be brave enough to give it a go - if I have the time to try and think of five things!!! :)