May 28, 2016

The Ultimate Camping Guide 2016 // With Halfords

Happy Campers!

I have so many fond childhood memories of camping. It all started with living room tent nights, garden camps, venturing out into the the great outdoors with my fellow Girl Guides, noisy nights at car shows, music festivals and more recently starting the whole cycle all over again with my own little explorers.

I just love everything about camping, the stars, the smells, the cosyness, the cold nose, the warm toes, the baked beans and just that amazing feeling of waking up without a care in the world being so close to nature and far from civilisation. We have a dog (Peg) and she will absolutely love joining us on our camping adventures too - her favourite people and walkies all in one place! I can't wait to do more and more camping as the kids get older, it's a great way to explore our beautiful countryside without spending a fortune and I know they will absolutely love it.

When I cast my mind back, some of my favourite times in my childhood were spent camping and on family holidays, so I really want to make it super special for us all this time round to make sure my children grow up with the same happy times.

I can remember the smell of the musty tent which was kind of comforting in a way, and waking up to the cool air and fresh mildew grass - there really is nothing quite like it is there? On another note  I do also remember waking up half way out the old canvas tent soaked through to the bone, shivering in a rain storm sliding around in mud! Funnily enough, it's still a fond memory though and you can't beat that warm shower, dry towel and clean clothes after something like that! Thank god tents are so much better now - a real home from home if you want it to be.

The Ultimate Camping Guide

When it comes to camping though, there are certain things that can make the whole thing a LOT easier and run a lot smoother, particularly when children come into the equation too. Preparation as always is key and luckily for us happy campers, Halfords have put together a brilliant guide: The Ultimate Camping Guide which gives us not only the very best tips for camping comfortably, but also:

  • Tent buying 
  • Meals & recipes
  • Festival survival
  • Glamping
  • Camping abroad
  • Travelling with kids
  • Fun & games
  • Local attractions
  • Cycle routes

The full guide can be downloaded by clicking here and if this has inspired you to look into camping this Summer, then Halfords have you more than covered with their brilliant outdoors range.

Are you a happy camper?

Written in Collaboration with Halfords. All words are my own.

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