May 05, 2016

Our Summer Garden

Fresh air and wiggly worms

Hands up and you will see no green fingers on me. My parents are keen gardeners and this trait has just not been passed down my way. I can draw plants, I can cook with them (just about), but when it comes to growing things they tend to not last long at all in my care. RIP you beautiful leafy things.

I'd love the garden to look lovely and colourful, but as of a week ago I kind of just ignored it's existence and escaped to the local park when we needed outside space. This week though, I've decided to transform it into a space we can actually use in this glorious weather. I need some fresh air in our own environment that is safe and fun for the kids - so the clean up has begun!

I find both kids a bit of a handful on my own at the moment out and about, so it will be really nice to have more outside space without worrying about anyone running off, tucking and rolling out the pushchair or whatever other fun they can come up with.

Alf has always loved the garden but I've always just felt it was too inadequate for kids, with no grass and nothing but brick and concrete. I feel a little different now though and just think we need to make the most of the space we are lucky enough to own and make it pretty and safe. We aren't going anywhere else any time soon after all and they don't care, they just want fun and a space to splash water or kick a ball without being told off. It's a lovely little sun trap too and I can't say i wouldn't enjoy it looking good as well.

We've had a lovely couple of days in the garden this week with the amazing weather and both kids have really enjoyed themselves. I'll just have to think now how to make it better and fix the bigger problems which are;

  • Cracked wonky concrete floor.
  • Paint hanging off walls.
  • A million snails.
  • Broken outbuilding roof.
  • Unusable flower beds (lots of local cats!).
  • No colour.
  • No fun!

We got to work having a bit of a tidy up, trimming the climber and clearing up the bits we have simply turned a blind eye to over winter. Seeing the kids play out with bubbles, chalk and water today has really inspired me and they have really enjoyed potting up seeds and putting little decorations in the garden. Alf made a little snail hotel and nursery next door so they are happy for now!

Do you have any suggestions for a small courtyard garden? I'm off to obsess over gardens on Pinterest!

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  1. Let the kids have a herb or vegetable garden in a planter. Or why not make a fairy garden (see Pinterest).