May 30, 2016

Jumpsuit Summer!

Jump.... for my love....

OK, so I'll be first to put my hands up and say that I probably don't have the most jumpsuit worthy physique in the world, but I'm beginning to realise that maybe that isn't such a big deal.

Jumpsuits are huge at the moment and come in all shapes and sizes so I'm pretty sure there has to be one somewhere to suit us all. They can be dressed up or down to your hearts desire and are super comfy to wear! (Just think about those pesky toilet trips before you over - accessorise too much!)

I picked a few of my favourites right now which you can see here. There are literally millions that I love, I really think I could get quite addicted!

Now I'd love to say I could get away with number 6 (me-ow) but I'm not sure I'm quite brave enough for all that cling on my wobbly bits. I love number 4 for a chilled comfy summer nights, but my overall top of the shop favourite is number 1 from Boohoo.  I think as long as the sizing is right for your shape, this could look amazing on. I think I need to try it! It flares out to balance out those bigger hips like mine and has the perfect 3/4 sleeves (hard to find) with a flattering wrap front.  I love it and it does have a bit of a vintage vibe to it which makes it all the better.

Do you love them too? They are definitely a 'Marmite' fashion!

1 comment:

  1. Jump suit looks so trendy these days. Every girl want to have it and flaunt it. I love all yours beautiful jumpsuits. But doesnt look good on the girls with extra pounds.