May 11, 2016

Baby Budget: How Much Do Babies Cost?

The baby budget...

You may have noticed recently on social media, people discussing the cost of babies with hashtags such as #BabyBudget and my least favourite - #BabyExpenses. It makes the whole thing sound like some kind of business deal doesn't it?

So how much do babies cost?

It's really down to the individual. Essentially making a baby is free (insert immature snigger), feeding a baby is free (if all goes to plan), they could really sleep anywhere safe initially and need very little entertaining other than their doting parents for a good few months. Casting my mind back to our humorous antenatal classes, we were told that baby could sleep in a bottom drawer and be washed in a bucket if need be - this made us laugh but I understand what she was getting at.

Technically, babies can be fairly free for a while, but it's so important to think about the future costs beforehand. It's not just the baby equipment but also the long term with an extra mouth to feed and person to clothe. You could even be blessed with twins, triplets, I won't scare you with quads or quins, but it's all worth considering, not to mention possibly dropping to one wage or a lesser income.

It's a fact though that nowadays we are swarmed with all our must have baby buys and some are great, some as useful as a chocolate teapot and some, well, what is that even for? There is no need to keep up with 'the Jones' on this one, it's just what you can afford and providing what baby needs. There are some amazing baby products and brands out there and there is definitely something for all budgets, whatever your requirements.

Having a baby nowadays can mean a great deal of prep and shopping.  It's not 100% necessary but it is the norm, it's part of the fun and we all want a nice home, bed and wardrobe ready for baby's arrival into the world. Buying those first tiny things make your heart smile and can be kept forever, so it's nice to shop a little.

It doesn't have to cost a great deal to have a baby though. If you are prepared to buy pre-loved then you can get things that really are as good as new for a snip of the price, meaning you can indulge a little in other areas. 

Babies don't care if they are dressed head to toe in labels, they look cute in anything and if you have friends and family with kids already, you are likely to be given a lot too. They grow so incredibly fast so just remember they may only wear an outfit once!

Having a baby doesn't need to cost the earth. It's completely up to the parents to decide how they will budget and it can really cost as much more as little as you'd like.

As they get older though,  it's a whole different story! 

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  1. Love this Laura and couldn't agree more. I have lost count the amount of times I say to people babies are so cheap, but I am shocked how much people spend!!! ahhhh
    Our 4th is coming in the next couple of weeks and almost all of her clothes were passed on from a friend, charity shop or sale. Crib was £25 from gumtree, maxi cosi car seat and bugaboo travel system also preloved and cost like £160 - I just want to say how the heck to do they cost a lot? haha its all about preference id say. Why pay loads when you can get it free or cheap? x

  2. Totally agree! We bought everything except the car seat and cot mattress preloved from ebay. We had lots of hand me down clothes from a friend and we mainly get his clothes from supermarkets. He's 14 months now and he'd rather play with the coasters and tupperware than toys anyway so definitely no need to go mad on toys either!

  3. I totally agree - all the little extras might make your life a little easier, but the baby won't really notice either way. Marianna spurned all the fancy stuff we'd bought and just wanted to play with crisp packets and a wet wipe... xD