May 17, 2016

Filling & Healthy Breakfast 'Crumpcakes'


I thought I would share my litttle Crumpcake recipe with you. These are basically a fancy 'eggy bread', but by far one of my favourite healthier sweet treat breakfasts. 'Crumpcakes' as I call them are very easy to make, require very little planning and are both Weight Watchers and Slimming World friendly. These can easily be made into an indulgent treat, healthy meal or accompaniment to another dish.

These are so very simple and to make them all you need is some nice fluffy crumpets and some medium eggs. I usually have two crumpets which I use two eggs for. In case you haven't already guessed how my Crumpcakes are made, the details are below.

The clue is in the name, but essentially we are just making crumpets into pancakes, so you can add whatever topping you desire at the end. I nearly always have mine sweet with sweetener and lemon juice or maple syrup, but you can just as well add cheese or add them to a delicious fry (grill) up for a new texture. The kids love them too!


  • Firstly you just crack the eggs into a bowl and beat them until the whites and yolk are mixed. If you want these even healthier you could just use the egg whites. 
  • Next put the crumpets into the eggy mixture to soak it up (they make great sponges!).

  • Squash down the crumpets with a fork to soak up as much eggy mix as possible. (I promise they are tasty when they are cooked!).

  • Once you are happy they are pretty soaked through, just pop them bottom side down in a hot, lightly oiled pan. I use Fry Light to keep the calories and fats down, but you can use any cooking oil of your choice.

  • Once in the pan, pour in a little of the leftover eggy mixture through the top holes of the crumpet (this is why it goes down 'feet' first!).

  • Now this is definitely one of those recipes that tastes better than it looks isn't it? The next step is simple, just squash and flip those pesky crumpets until the eggy mixture has cooked well right through. It should start smelling nice and pancake like at this point too.

Once you are happy they are cooked through, you can simply plate up, add your favourite pancake topping and enjoy!

Now, don't they look so much better at the end? 



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  2. Oh my gosh. I need these in my life!!
    I cross between pancakes & crumpets! HEAVEN
    Sarah xx

  3. wow - love this idea - going to try them tomorrow! would do now, but its evening and the shops are shut!!!!