May 07, 2016

Actislim with Satiereal: Review

Introducing Actislim With Satiereal

As part of my weight loss/health quest to date I have had the opportunity to try a few supplements and meal plans for reviews, which have helped me lose a total of 64 pounds so far.

I was recently offered to try a new weight loss aid - Actislim with Satiereal, which is said to be a new hope for comfort eaters like me as it is derived from saffron which has properties to increase our levels of serotonin. This is said to improve our mood, making us far less likely to reach out for those comfort foods.

In blind testing, over 80% of women lost weight (fat mass) and it was found to increase satiety, decrease hunger, reduce sugar cravings, as well as reduce the need for compulsive snacking between meals which is something I really really struggle with! Actislim is the first supplement in the UK to incorporate Satiereal and costs £29.95 for a month’s supply of 60 (vegan-friendly) capsules, it has been on sale since January 2016, in health stores nationwide as well as

After 2 Weeks Trial

I started Actislim with two tablets a day as suggested, one with breakfast and one with lunch. I have so far completed two full weeks. 

Firstly the down sides. I noticed the first couple of days that I had a bad tummy, but I'm not 100% sure if this was related or just a coincidence, though I did feel a little sick at times too throughout. For me though, this really helped me not to snack so it was more than welcome.

During the two weeks so far on Actislim, I have felt pretty good mood wise, the most noticeable benefit being a huge reduction in sugar cravings which was particularly good on a week on reduced sugar following my holiday. Normally I'd be chomping at the bit for some chocolate but I have found it really easy to control, especially in the evenings.

I've felt generally less hungry all day which surprised me and I've felt a lot more 'balanced' throughout the day as well as being less desperate for my meals. I nearly forgot to eat lunch one day which I can honestly say has never happened in my life.

My biggest positive to come from taking Actislim is that I lost ten pounds in the first week (combined with a paleo style diet) which is about double what I have achieved in a week previously so I think they must have really helped! This second week I lost just one pound but my I had two nights and a meal out as well as a few extras so I think a pound loss is still excellent. 11 pounds total loss in two weeks.

I will continue my trial until the 60 capsules have been used and really hope to see some more good results with continued use. I have been pretty impressed so far, so fingers crossed.

If you'd like to try Actislim with Satiereal for yourself, you can find out all about it by clicking here.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample pack for review, all words and thoughts are my own.

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