May 09, 2016

Moony Japanese Nappies: Review

Moony Nappies

Since having Alf nearly five years ago, we have used a good number of disposable nappies and worked our way through several brands. 

I have my favourite main brand, which I prefered for newborn use, but as they get to the toddler stage it's really down to three main things;

  • Softness
  • No leakage
  • Price

Soph is nearly two and a very active 'squiggly' toddler so can more than put any nappy through it's paces.

We were recently asked to review some Japanese nappies, new to the UK and Soph was happy to test them out in every way possible! The nappies we were sent were pull ups and the make was Moony (ha!).

First impressions

When the nappies arrived I firstly had a little immature giggle at the name 'Moony' and thought the packaging was very sweet and 'kawaii'. The packaging didn't give a great deal away, so I opened the packet to have a look at the nappies themselves.

I was immediately struck by the cute patterns and Winnie The Pooh pictures on which I knew Soph would love, though they weren't very easy to see so a pretty pattern would probably have done. 

I then opened up the pull up to give it a stretch and couldn't believe how soft these were. The inside of the waist band felt as soft as silk and I could imagine they would be extremely comfortable to wear. It wasn't really clear which side was the front and back as they were both the same width to look at, but maybe that doesn't matter!

For pull ups, these did seem a bit thicker and better quality than supermarket own brands that we have tried and had a really good stretch to them. The nappies fitted Soph really well, the super stretch allowed for comfort all round, but also meant everything was contained in the super absorbent nappy.


We have just finished our trial pack of nappies today and have not had one leakage throughout the testing. Soph has been quite happy with these and as her first pull ups, she really liked being able to step into them and even had pants over the top some days so she felt more of a big girl.

I loved the fact that these pull ups came with a sticky tab on (a bit like the one you get on food to keep the bag closed) so that even the messiest nappy change can be neatly wrapped up for the bin. This is pretty genius as it is something that really bothered me with my sons pull ups, so well done on that front!

The nappies had such a good stretch on that my nearly five year old Alf could fit them over his trousers (purely for test purposes!), yet they were fitting enough on his dinky one year old sister too, so these really cater for a wide range of sizes - you needn't be too concerned with size when ordering.

I loved using these and they have been some of my favourite nappies so far and super absorbent, lasting through the night and thirsty days out. The nappies do have a colour changing indicator on the back but I'm afraid I totally forgot about this so it was entirely wasted on me and I always go by the feel/look of it anyway.

The only downside for me is the current accessibility as you can only buy online and also the price which for me is a lot higher than I like to pay unfortunately. The pack we were sent contained 38 nappies and would have cost £17.69 on Amazon which works out at 47p a nappy, whereas my usual brand are around 11p per nappy.

The price difference is enough to put me off buying these again, though if the price was comparable to my usual favourites, the quality of these would definitely win me over.

If you get the chance to try these, I would definitely give them a go but for me they have out priced themselves in the market for our family budget. I can't deny the quality, design and function though, which were all perfect! 

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