May 29, 2016

My Happy Days List

Flowers, Sunshine and Motivation...

This week has gone by so quickly I can't even really remember what we did most days. I had a few happy moments that stick in my mind though and I really had my business hat on which is great. Both kids have been a little restless and waking in the night, I'm not sure why but really hoping half term and a bit of a slack routine will do them good.

My Happy Days List

  • Walks out with my babies picking flowers.
  • Restarting as an Avon rep after a two year gap - I love it!
  • Getting my healthy mojo back, starting a new trial and joining Weight Watchers.
  • Glorious sunshine and wearing clothes that aren't black!
  • Seeing Alf with his Turtles toy, he's so smart.
  • Alf wearing his old baby hat making me laugh and making me realise how diddly he still is.
  • Sorting a few good blog assignments for the future.
  • Looking forward to a week with no school runs!
  • New trainers for me!
  • Getting in the TOTS top 500 parent bloggers.
  • Three day weekend with my lovely husband.
  • The house looking better after a sort out.

That's all for this week - have a good one!

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