May 03, 2016

May Health Quest

I ate April

Another month down and April was basically one BIG eating fest. As much as I enjoyed it at times, I could feel the weight piling back on, along with the sluggishness, aches and low mood that come with a poor diet.

After our holiday we weighed in to find we had managed to pile on a whopping 14 pounds over the month! 

Fear not, we soon got to work to switch this around and with my weigh in last week (post holiday), my weight had gone down by 10 pounds already, well on my way back to better health. We've been filling up with healthy filling foods that give us more energy through the day so my snacking habit has been curbed.

I don't know where motivation comes from but I am so happy that it's found me again. I do not want to go back to the way I was and now I know I won't.

My pelvis and back went (badly!) in April so I spent a large propotion of time being unable to move let alone exercise. I had a reaction to some antibiotics too and could literally feel my body swelling by the day! I need to get back into the fitness to strengthen these muscles and feel a little more energised. Easier said than done some days but feeling determined.

May Goals

May is simple, eat clean, exercise and get more sleep. I am terrible for depriving myself of sleep and after wearing a tracker bracelet for a few weeks I was pretty horrified to see that I got on averge 1.5 hours of deep sleep and 1.5 hours of light sleep. It's no wonder I struggle to function some days! I'm also trialing a natural slimming aid which I'll be blogging about soon so I really hope that helped towards my ten pounds loss!

Onwards and downwards (on the scales!) and good luck to everyone else battling for better health.


  1. Lots of lovely looking meals there! Congrats on the weight loss too :) #friyaylinky

  2. GO YOU!
    That's some good determination there! :)

    Also..I couldn't stop laughing at

    Sarah xx