May 05, 2016

Kinetik Contactless Thermometer: Review

Kinetik Thermometer

It's painful for all involved when babies and children get poorly and everything seems to be a battle. From the temperature taking to giving medicine, it's just not easy.

Anything that lessens the stresses involved and makes things easier in any way shape or form, well and truly has to be worth a try.

I was recently sent a product from Kinetik Medical, a clever little digital, non contact thermometer, that works in a few brilliant ways;

  • Measures child's temperature without contact.
  • Reads bath temperature without being submerged.
  • Acts as a room thermometer.

The three in one is instantly a very obvious plus point to this gadget, it's small, takes one simple battery and takes up no space in a cramped nursery, so it's perfect for your new (or old!) addition.

I loved how easy to use this thermometer is. From removing the battery protector it was simple, with just two buttons involved and no tricky settings.

I love being able to accurately get the bath temperature right and would have loved this with a newborn, where everything just needs that extra little bit of extra reassurance. 

Both children were more than happy and often even oblivious to having their temperature taken, as it reads it from a little way away meaning no contact and no cold tips, which I think they appreciated.

These thermometers are available to buy from the Kinetik website, as well as Tesco, Amazon and other popular retailers. I would definitely suggest this as a great buy for parents.

The best thing of all, is that the three in one aspect replaces the need for three separate items which in an already cluttered house like mine is always a good thing - not to mention the fact that it's just a cool new gadget! Big thumbs up all round.

Disclosure: I was sent a product sample in exchange for an open and honest review. Post contains links to affiliate.

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